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Last update: 22 March 2022

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15 december 2021

On Wednesday 15 December just after 15h08, there was action at the Bat Hawk nest. The female Bat Hawk came to the nest and appeared to snuggle up to the cup in the nest. She spread her wings over the nest, presumably when she laid an egg, then proceeded to lie deep in the nest.


The male joined her at 16h26 for a short while, and again at 19h34. There appeared to be a change over at 19h49 when the male stayed on the nest, presumably incubating an egg. The female came to relieve him at 21h16. The male again came back to the nest to incubate at 21h48. The female relieved him at 23h06.

24 october 2021

Great news! On 23 October it seems like the Bat Hawks laid an egg/s around 12h00. She has been incubating all day yesterday, last night and this morning. The male has joined her a few times at the nest but have not been able to see any food transfers.

4 september 2021

Bat Hawks are back at the nest.

8 february 2021

Bat Hawks displaying at the nest. It is still possible that they lay a replacement clutch before Autumn.

7 to 12 december 2020

20 to 22 november 2020

06 to 12 november 2020

28 to 29 october 2020 - an egg is laid

07 to 13 october 2020

19 september to 06 october 2020

26 august to 18 september 2020